Sektor di Tráfiko i Transporte


Outoridat di Aviashon Sivil di Kòrsou


The task of the Curacao Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) as part of the Ministry of Transport, Transport and Urban Planning is to promote a safe, reliable and sustainable aviation sector.

CCAA supervises the Curaçao aviation sector and foreign airlines that visit Curaçao. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) determines the global safety standards and CCAA performs its tasks based on these standards.

Curaçao is largely dependent on air connections and therefore connectivity through the air is of very important. Aviation safety is high on the agenda for the Ministry of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning, but affordable and reliable air connections are also of great importance for the prosperity development of the country. The future growth of the aviation system places on high demands of the regulator and therefore CCAA invests in people and resources. Only with an international monitoring system that complies with international standards, can the Curaçao aviation sector develop sustainably and Curaçao will remain an island where tourists like to stay and investments will increase. In the coming years the CCAA will continue to develop into a supervisory organization that can measure itself with the rest of the world. Cooperation within the Kingdom means that mutual exchange of knowledge and expertise can be guaranteed permanently.


Outoridat di Aviashon Sivil di Kòrsou
Curaçao Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA)
Curaçaose Burgerluchtvaart Autoriteit

location Seru Mahuma z/n
phone +599 9 839-3319