Sektor di Tráfiko i Transporte


Outoridat Marítimo di Kòrsou


The MAC is responsible for safe ships and clean shipping. There are international conventions and rules, which all ships must comply with and the control hereof is in the hands of MAC.

The MAC registers, certifies and inspects ships operating internationally and monitors maritime activities in our waters, for both our ships (flag state) as for foreign vessels (port state). The MAC checks whether all the documents and certificates are in order and valid. If these are not in order, the MAC decides whether the ship is detained or if it receives a period of time to fix the issues at hand. The MAC advices the Minister of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning on authorizations for maritime activities within our waters.


  • Monitoring the fleet ( flag state)
  • Control of visiting ships in our ports (port state)
  • Control of shipping activities in coastal waters (coastal)
  • Research and disaster relief.


Outoridat Marítimo di Kòrsou
Maritime Authority of Curaçao(MAC)
Maritieme Autoriteit Curaçao

location Seru Mahuma z/n
phone +599 9 839-3366